Monday, March 03, 2008

Sarah Noyes, Women and Ethical Leadership

(This presentation was a part of CIIS Multiversity February 2008)

In an attempt to delve further into the ethics of leadership, how they relate to women, and to network with others interested in these topics, Sarah Noyes attended a 3-day conference with the Woodhull Institute on Ethical Leadership for Young Women. Concepts learned included supporting women in their endeavors as well as teaching them how to advocate for a sustainable and ethical world.

Sarah Noyes, student in Transformative Leadership, is an experienced change-maker and has worked within the Non-Profit and Social Activism worlds for ten years. She utilizes her experience, dedication, intuition, hard skills, and positive attitude to influence change locally and globally. Sarah is most passionate about aiding individuals and organizations to see the ethical for the good of humanity. You will most likely find her at a salsa club or on a tropical beach.



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