Monday, March 03, 2008

David Nichol, Subtle Activism and the Gaiafield Project: Applying Spiritual Power for Global Transformation

(This presentation was a part of CIIS Multiversity February 2008)

Globally-synchronized meditation and prayer events are becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated as internet technology and global consciousness continue to emerge and develop. Such events can be seen as a kind of “subtle activism,” indirectly affecting events in the social and political realm through exerting a subtle influence on the collective mindset of a community, nation, or even the whole of humanity. In this presentation, I will review the scientific evidence for the principle of non-local causality (which underlies the hypothesis of subtle activism), discuss the potential of subtle activism to help us meet the multidimensional planetary crisis, and describe the Gaiafield Project, which uses leading-edge technology to broadcast regular global meditation events to a global audience.

David Nicol has sought for many years to integrate his personal spiritual journey to wholeness with a passionate desire to play a role in the collective global transformation that so many leaders recognize as the great possibility and challenge of our times. What has emerged as a focus is the concept and practice of "subtle activism" - how we may exert a subtle (but perhaps crucial) positive influence on the collective psyche through acting together on subtle planes of consciousness, such as collective meditation, prayer, or ritual work. David is the director the CIIS-based Gaiafield Project ( In his past life, he worked as an environmental lawyer in Australia, his native land.

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