Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrating Faculty Scholarship at CIIS

Join us on Thursday May 3 for a celebration of two recent CIIS faculty publications. The reception and book signing will be in Namaste hall, 4-6pm.

This first, of what we hope will be an annual Celebrating Scholarship event, honors Don Hanlon Johnson's memoir Everyday Hopes, Utopian Dreams (North Atlantic Books, 2006) and Facts-On-File's Encyclopedia of Hinduism, jointly edited by Connie Jones and Jim Ryan.

In part a response to the political revisionism and reactionary politics of the last few years, Don's book has been described as "a bracing backward turn toward the diverse and often conflicting visions passed down to Johnson by his immigrant ancestors .... Through stories about neighborhood, local churches, hunting and fishing, driving, cooking, heavy construction, and schools, he examines what in our forebears' ideals continue to nurture us and what aspects of those ideals carry germs of personal and social harm." For more details, see North Atlantic Books' website.

This reference work, part of Facts-On-File's new six-volume Encyclopedia of World Religions series, "examines the living faith of this religion and its historical and social background." Entries range from Ancestor worship, Sri Aurobindo, and Ayodhya through Vegetarianism, Vishnu, and World Parliament of Religions; for a complete table of contents, see Facts-on-File's website.


Blogger npeden said...

Hello CIIS!

So lovely to come in here just like the old days in TLC, and read gracious writing by wonderful people. All the best to these amazing projects and people.

I am cited in a new book from London, Learning for Tomorrow: Whole Person Learning for the Planetery Citizen by Bryce Taylor. You can read about it on one of my own blogs:

Wishing all the best as we work towards peace.

May peace be with us all,
Nancy Peden, MA, Monterey, CA

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